TycheTools extensive sensor mesh networks, highly scalable, safe, secure, and plug-and-play

Want to make sure you have an efficient, secure, and reliable sensor system in your company? Try the TycheTools wireless sensor network!

TycheTools secure Iris sensors can be installed within a few hours, depending on the number of sensors required. They collect unprecedented amounts of data on VOC, CO2, humidity, and pressure. The sensors can be easily integrated into existing systems (BMS, DCIM), allowing you to take advantage of their advanced features for numerous monitoring and control applications.

Our sensors have been developed using formal verification techniques, real-time system schedulable analysis and distributed consensus algorithms, which guarantee the highest level of reliability and fault tolerance. In addition, the wireless mesh topology allows up to 32k devices to be connected in a single network, while hyper-efficient security prevents any "single point of failure".

Learn about our smart sensor technology with AI and battery life of up to 15 years.

How it works

Powerful, state-of-the-art Bluetooth sensors constantly track air quality

The AQaaS award-winning wireless mesh sensor network continuously reports data about air quality, in particular VOC, CO2, humidity and pressure levels. Sensors identify issues from anywhere in the space in real-time, so that managers can take action to safeguard people’s wellbeing.









“Correct by design” sensors provide precise measurements.

Rigorous techniques based in engineering and advanced mathematics used to test and validate sensor behaviour.

Wireless mesh sensor network runs through Bluetooth, making it substantially more secure than other industry approaches.

Sensors run at lower power than other alternatives and are designed to run on batteries instead of external power supplies, which can be costly.

Battery operated AQaaS sensors are 'sleepers' that only send data when necessary, extending battery life.

Additional pluggable AQaaS sensors deliver extended coverage in large and multi-room indoor spaces.

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