DC-AIOPS research project Phase II

Initiative funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the support programme for AEI to contribute improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


In this second phase, the integration of cable robots as a mechanism to move more complex sensors, such as thermal cameras, to the point where they are needed at any given moment, will be studied to ensure optimal operation. The advantages and disadvantages compared to deploying a greater number of simpler sensors will also be analyzed. Additionally, this automation will enhance the development of Edge data center management, which is much closer to the services to be provided.

This is the second phase of a three-phase development:

  1. Artificial intelligence to enhance visibility and foster understanding: a predictive analysis system and continuous optimization of cooling consumption with the minimum use of non-intrusive sensors and automatic anomaly detection.
  2. Artificial intelligence for automation: cable robot for continuous auditing and automation of operations.
  3. Artificial intelligence for collaboration: collaboration platform leveraging renewable capabilities and surplus computing resources.

In collaboration with Bjumper, Grupo Trevenque and UCLM

Joaquín Rodriguez


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