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TycheTools solutions are Operation and Management tools targeted at two environments: mission critical technical rooms, and indoor air quality. Operators of these sites are facing increasingly complex problems and need to anticipate them in order to reduce the impact on their operational costs, customers, and the planet.

We focus on the digital transformation of mission-critical operations through big data analytics. Using the most advanced Dev-Ops, AI, and ML techniques, we read the environment to determine the status of operations in real time and analyse the data to ensure efficiency at all times.

Operation and Management

Operation and Management solutions for mission critical spaces that extract from the environment the real situation at all times of the operations, eliminating the need to connect to the multiple elements involved, which means that its implementation is independent of the infrastructure and the operation of the room.

Efficient operations

The Operation and Management of mission critical spaces generates huge operational costs; from the supporting facilities, through the critical elements, to the difficult maintenance of the most efficient point in a continuously changing environment.


The expansion of digital infrastructure is key to addressing the grand challenges facing humanity. At the same time, this expansion implies the use of scarce resources and an increasing impact on sustainability goals. Due to the demands and complexity of managing digital infrastructure, many owners and operators lack the means to benefit from strategic opportunities and generate added value for their customers.

TycheTools solutions

Our solutions, ECOaaS and AQaaS, consist of two parts. On the one hand, the low-power, wireless sensor mesh network, designed as a mission-critical, fault-tolerant, Zero Trust architecture. On the other, the software platform, which performs the analysis and displays the results and operational recommendations via the client interface. The platform is hosted in the cloud, and uses the latest Dev-Ops, AI, and ML tools; each client has its own container to ensure maximum security. Both solutions are offered in a cloud-based SaaS format but can also be hosted on-premises.