Want to see how your IT room is operating in real time?

Do you want to know if the cooling is excessive?

Do you want to have the cooling and IT consumption?

Do you want to see if your room has IT, Cooling, Thermal Management and Power problems, and what they are?

Do you want all this without touching the infrastructure, without affecting the operation, up and running in 2 hours?

Audit your Technical, IT or DC room, quickly, easily and efficiently, using the most advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques with our ADaaS.

Deploy by yourself in hours, without touching infrastructure, without wiring.

TycheTools ECO-ADaaS: all the answers with a detailed report, in 15 days, for 2.000 € + VAT (*). Interested parties contact sales@tychetools.com.

* Rental of up to 100 temperature, humidity and pressure sensors and a Gateway. Up to 25 IT cabinets and 4 cooling units can be deployed.

Promotion valid until the end of February 2023. For deployments in Spain or Portugal.

Joaquín Rodriguez


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