TycheTools Lens: The New TycheTools APP in Android and iOS

Have you ever imagined having all your critical information for monitoring and optimisation in the palm of your hand? Well, imagine no more! TycheTools is proud to introduce our new app, TycheTools Lens: A window into your data centre.

TycheTools Lens enables AI-driven critical infrastructure monitoring and optimisation right from your smartphone, providing unprecedented insights and control to managers and owners of critical infrastructure. TycheTools Lens delivers efficiency, sustainability and competitive advantage for operators and their clients.

TycheTools Lens also makes same day, no hassle deployment of our non-intrusive, ultra-secure sensor network even easier. Gateway and sensor set-up and registration, along with the incorporation of additional sensors, can now be fully executed via APP.

Data Centre optimisation is just a download away!

Available for our users at the App Store and Play Store


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