What Are We Waiting for to Take Effective Containment Measures Today and In the Future?

Scientists claim that good indoor air quality makes us healthier and improves human cognitive ability. At this stage of the pandemic, it has been demonstrated that the transport of virus aerosols is affected by the physico-chemical properties of the aerosols themselves and by environmental factors, including temperature, CO2 concentration, relative humidity, or ultraviolet radiation.

The Spanish Technical Building Code (Código Técnico de la Edificación, CTE) dictates the requirements for air quality in buildings. The latest modification of the CTE includes new requirements that the outdoor air flow must be sufficient to ensure that the average CO2 concentration in each room is less than 800 ppm.

The pandemic situation has shown us the need to ventilate interiors. TycheTools has designed the perfect tool .

In indoor public spaces such as schools, offices, or private spaces such as our own homes, with concentrations above 800 ppm of CO₂ (0.08%), symptoms of fatigue, headaches, increased respiratory rate and reduced performance appear. Various studies place the comfort limit at 1500 ppm, above this value for a prolonged period of time the effects increase considerably, and the loss of performance is direct.

The pandemic situation has shown us the need to ventilate interiors. And public centres such as schools, universities, office and administration buildings, shops, cinemas, theatres, etc. .... have an important public health mission to ensure efficient air renewal without increasing the electricity bill.

For public buildings, the applicable standard is UNE-EN 13779. This establishes, among other things, the requirements for ventilation systems. This standard establishes the aspects to be considered in the design of the installations and types of air involved in a ventilation system.

So, if we have scientific evidence and applicable regulations, what are we waiting for to adopt effective measures? What are the competent administrations waiting for to firmly regulate air quality in public places? Why do they continue to apply ineffective measures to control contagion, such as the use of masks in outdoor spaces without high concentration?

Viruses are mainly transmitted in enclosed spaces, and this is where the focus should be placed, in all indoor places with public capacity. Effectively measuring the air quality and being able to activate the ventilation of the premises automatically, intelligently and efficiently. This is the solution. And no, in most cases it is not enough to place a meter on a table to cover the file, firstly because no one will look at it and secondly, because if it is done, what is the answer, open a window? Is this enough whatever the dimensions of the premises? The answer is NO.

TycheTools has designed the perfect tool that will help you to solve it successfully, a technologically advanced tool, immediately deployable whatever the capacity of the premises or building, wireless, with individualized dashboards in the cloud that will clearly indicate the alerts, how and when to act, simple and effective.

What are we waiting for?

Joaquín Rodriguez


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